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What is Liposules?

  • Liposules technology promotes encapsulation of lipophilic or hydrophilic molecule to deliver at desired site. Liposules encapsulation done by the lipids shell (Waxes, Fats, and Phospholipids) to entrap both the hydrophilic and lipophilic actives to prevent from the environmental factor, unfavourable pH, and water leaching actives or colours, hygroscopic actives.
  • Liposules shell wall like this: Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, bees wax, MCC wax, paraffin wax, Carbowax, Phosphotidyl Choline, Phosphotidyl Serin, Phosphotidyl glycine, Soylecthin, Lecithin, Cholesterol (Plant Source), Stearic acid, Hydrogenated Castor oil, Hydrogenated palmitic acid, Other Hydrogenated oil.
  • Liposules actives like this: Vitamin C, Caffeine, D-Panthenol, Curcumin, Vitamin A & Tretinoin
  • Inner Core active is Water soluble, Oil soluble & Fat soluble and Outer Shell wall is Lipid soluble ( WS + LS, OS+ LS, FS+ LS )
  • Liposules produce in dried powder, granule & beads form.
  • Liposules powder particles size range in 5 µ – 100 µ
  • Liposules granules and beads particle size range in 200 µ - 500 µ
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