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What is Actifilms AF?

  • Actifilm consist of Synthetic polymer like HPMC and Sodium CMC to form
  • Actifilm with various shape to entrap the natural pigments, cooling agent and fragrances to delivers the aesthetic feel, visual attractive to finish product.
  • Actifilm is biodegradable and shell has hydrophilic in nature it nourishes the skin, body and hair. It has vital role in personal care product like Skin care, Body care, Oral care and Hair care product.
  • It is available in different colour and shape (Square, Heart, Pumpkin, Star, Christmas tree, Round, etc.)
  • Actifilm active agents like pigments or colour & fragrance, cooling agent (Menthol, Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil)
  • Actifilm consist of dissolving film and non-dissolving film.
  • Actifilm are in solid form and used in Semisolid & gel based formulation
  • Actifilm are in various particle size ranges are Imm to 3 mm size
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