Umang‘s manufacturing facility at Vasai, Maharashtra is at par with international standards to assure the quality products as we believe that quality cannot be talked into a product, but has to exist inherently.

R & D:

  • Historically, We have a contract manufacturer.
  • More recently, we have started developing sterile liquid injections in vials and ampoules products for India, Semi-Regulated, and Regulated markets.
  • Umang pharma has entered into co-development agreements with customers in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.
  • We have introduced a few products developed in India and we are in the process of registering these products in other markets.
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  • Umang Fluid Bed Multiple Processing – 1 kgs. with Bottom Spray, Top Spray and Rotor Attachments
  • Concept Pan Coater 6” and 8” interchangeable pan design perforated pan coater.
  • Mini Coater for coating 10 gms. of tablets / pellets.
  • Fluid Bed Dryer for drying pellets, granules / powder.
  • Spray dryer with two fluid nozzle – 1 ltrs. capacity.
  • Mini lab coater with bottom spray wurster coating attachment for 300 gms. batch capacity.
  • Concept homogenizer with 20000 RPM and three level wiping blades.
  • Spheronizer 500 for 3 Kgs. batches.
  • Spheronizer 250 for 1 Kgs. batches.
  • Tray dryer 12 tray and 24 trays.
  • Single screw extruder 60 with cone, Radial and Axial extrusion – 2 Nos. Sifter.
  • Die roller extruder –65 for 10-15 Kgs. / hr. output.
  • Concept granulator, Top driven high shear mixer 250 ml and 1000ml bowls.
  • Tablet compression machine.
  • Freeze drying.
  • Coating pan 1 Kgs. and 5 Kgs.
  • Multi mill. (powder mill).
  • Cone mill.
  • Carrageenan and Alginate encapsulation machine.
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