Private Label & Co-Development Projects

Umang Global Group has been providing advanced and progressive solutions for complete skincare, Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals since more than two decades. We offer private label manufacturing services. We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement. At Umang global Group we are focused and constantly working on the innovative ideas and solutions to give the best encapsulation solutions to our customers. We also have done extensive work in customized Product developments and are one of the leading organizations in Customized projects and product developments.

Supported by dynamic process management, we translate your ideas into innovative, commercial products. Starting Right from Product Development to individual packaging design, our product developers are guided by your specifications. Within each project phase, you will benefit from our excellent structures, high quality standards and our pronounced innovative strength.

Due to wide variety of each segment like Amino Acids, Multi-vitamins & Multi-minerals, carotenoids, Enzymes, Herbal Extracts, Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of entire product range of beadlets which includes food for special uses; using the latest technologies with high-quality standards helping us to become a top leading pellets Manufacturing company across India & Abroad.

The Umang Global Advantage

We help you in focusing the areas where you need to focus the most i.e. Building Your Brand & Markets. We take care of the rest!! We guide you in building your own Product & Brand with your Ideas we build your world. We provide complete support in terms of

  • R&D Support – For Product Development
  • Quality Support – For Product Checks and Test
  • Quality Assurance & Audit support – To Ensure Process Checks and Quality Audits
  • Lab Support – for Test Product development and sampling requirements
  • Pilot Scale Support – For Small Production Quantity of Initial Market Tests
  • Large Production Facility – For Producing Large Quantities of Production Materials
  • Design & Packaging Support – Complete support for building your customized designs for Labels & Packaging
  • Reports & Insights – Sending you the Reports and analysis for you to evaluate your Sales Performance & Revenue Growth
  • Inventory Management – Managing Inventory for your products and keep you posted on the consumption of the inventory

How do we make it happen - From the planning and consultation, to raw material organization, production and packaging through testing in our accredited laboratories; the Umang Global Group generates all the added value in our own company group. This means a high degree of transparency and allows optimal control of the quality of our products.

We have 2 Methodology in which we work – Private Label & Co-Development Projects

Private Label

“Your Idea – Your Brand – Your Product – Your Technical Expertise - Our Production & Scalability Expertise – Our Inventory Management”
Private Label

Co-Development Projects

“Your Idea – Your Brand – Your Product – Our Product Expertise – Our R&D Expertise – Our Technical Expertise – Our Production Expertise – Our Inventory Management Expertise”
Co-Development Projects
We also provide complete assistance in the below aspects as required by our Customers during the products :
  • Product Development Consultancy
  • Development of New Machines
  • Customization of Existing Machines
  • Dedicated Machines
  • Dedicated manpower
  • Dedicated Facility of QC / Lab / production can be provided
  • Audit Support and Internal Audit Reports (only if Dedicated Facility is Provided)
  • Technical Team Support & Guidance on Product Development
  • Single Point of Contact for All Projects & Queries
  • Customized Documentations
  • Quality Management Systems Reports
  • Contact Us

We ensure achieving excellence in every stage of our manufacturing processes in order to develop a product that meets highest quality standards of the industry and endows clients a complete satisfaction. With constant improvisation, innovation and quality assurance, we aim at offering the optimal solutions to various industries customized to their requirements.