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What is Hydrosules?

  • Actives ingredients encapsulated in hydrophilic or Semisynthetic polymer shell and offers the active moisture triggered release system. Hydrosules produces in liquid form.
  • Hydrosules shell wall like this: Poly vinyl alcohol, Poly vinyl acetate, Poly lactic co-glycolic acid, Poly lactic acid, Sodium Alginate, Gum acacia, Gelatin, Hi Cap 100, Maltodextrin, PEG 400, PEG 4000, PEG 6000,Xanthan gum & Modified Starch (Different Grades)
  • Hydrosules active like this: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green tea extract, coffee extract, D-Panthenol, Resveratrol, Argan oil
  • Inner Core active is Oil soluble & Water soluble and Outer Shell wall is Water soluble. ( OS+ WS or WS + WS)
  • Hydrosules particles size range in 5 µ – 100 µ
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