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What is Masksules?

  • Masksules technology to mask the unpleasant odour from the active ingredients. Masksules is water insoluble due to its acts as a physical barrier to the drug particles, which result in minimizing the interaction between the drug and the taste buds.
  • Masksules shell wall like this: HPMC Phthalate, Ethyl cellulose, Stearic acid and Hydrogenated oil.
  • Masksules active like this: Sulphur, Urea
  • Inner Core active is Water soluble & Water insoluble and Outer Shell wall is Lipid soluble & Water insoluble ( WS + LS, WI +LS) ; (WS+ WI, WI+WI)
  • Masksules produce in dried powder form.
  • Masksules particles size range in 5 µ – 100 µ.
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